Your Dog's Happier, Healthier Life Starts Now

For decades, we’ve been told to feed our pets commercial “foods”. Walk into a large pet store and you’ll see the word “natural” and claims of “meat is first ingredient” on each bag of kibble. But if modern, commercial pet foods are healthier…
why aren’t our dogs?

How exactly are dogs faring with these commercial foods? Well, almost 60% are obese or overweight. Not great. Over 80% will develop a dental disease (surely not a coincidence that 80% of dogs are feed dry kibble). And if they make it to 10, there’s a 50/50 chance they develop cancer. That’s the highest known cancer rate in the animal world, and it shouldn’t come as a shock that the most influential factor for this is their food.

Do you know what’s in your dogs’ food? If the answer is no – that’s ok. It’s not your fault, truly. In fact, 90% of dog parents don’t know what’s in their dogs food. And how can they? If you look at any dry kibble or canned dog food, it’s impossible to tell what’s in it.

And labelling tricks makes it even more difficult to know. Burnt little brown balls that are somehow labelled “natural”, “healthy” and with “meat as the first ingredient” line the shelves at every pet store. What’s more, is that countless studies have shown that pet foods contain ingredients not listed on the label.

dog kibble single piece isolated
dog kibble single piece isolated
"Meat is 1st Ingredient"
dog kibble single piece isolated
dog kibble single piece isolated

But there's "good brands" ...right?

Unfortunately in Canada and the U.S., quality and safety standards for pet food production are low. What’s worse, labelling and marketing regulations are loose.

Those brown pellets, labelled as “premium” or “natural”, are often made of diseased chicken parts, cheap starchy fillers and rendered fats. All of which are processed at high temperatures with chemical preservatives, known to produce carcinogens.

And those rendered ingredients are more common than you’d think. After all, commercial pet food makers are legally allowed to use “4-D meats” (dead, dying, diseased or disabled) as long as they process it at a high enough temperature and pressure – and known to produce carcinogens. 

No wonder they always recommend washing your hands thoroughly after handling pet food, and keeping it away from children.

Your dog's food should be food. Simple.

The key to our dogs’ health and well-being was simple: real food in their bowls. Not burnt brown and round balls of mystery meats and ingredients. Not misleading words like “natural” or “premium” on the bag. Just real food.
And it’s not just us. Our customers are testaments to how amazing fresh food is for their dogs’ health and well-being.

It’s our commitment to real food; to whole cuts of meat good enough for your favourite restaurant. It’s our CFIA-inspected kitchens and strict ingredient sourcing standards.

And most importantly – it’s seeing the effects with our own eyes. Dogs with more energy in the morning, and more importantly, calmer at night. Less anxious. Shinier coats and fresher breath, and healthier weights. Truly happier dogs. 

There’s no tricks. No secrets. Just real food.