Sustainability is more than just a word to us.

It’s in our DNA.

We’re driven by sustainability. In fact, it’s one of the reasons we started Mo’ Greens in the first place. It’s important that we protect our environment so that the next generations can enjoy it as much as we do. How are we doing our part?

Our drive for sustainability touches every part of our product journey, starting at ingredient sourcing all the way through to how you bring Mo’ Greens home.

At the core of our drive to sustainability is harnessing plant-based proteins. In fact, we’re the first pet food company in Canada to embrace plant proteins and use them in each and every recipe. See, we all know the benefits of incorporating more plant based foods into our diets. These benefits are felt by our pets too. And with both nutritional and environmental benefits to plant proteins, it only makes sense to add as many as you can. Whether it’s our 100% plant based treats or our fresh foods, each Mo’ Greens recipe uses some plant protein sources.

We strive to make real impacts towards a sustainable future. See how we’re doing just that below.

Ingredient Sourcing

We start with only Canadian ingredients. Not only does this mean higher quality standards, it also means reducing our carbon footprint with less transportation distances.  It also means ethical protein sourcing. All Mo' Greens Fresh Foods use sustainably farmed salmon and ethically raised chicken. We challenge our suppliers to improve their carbon footprints and only work with those that do. 

Local Production

All Mo' Greens Fresh Foods and Treats are locally made, right here in Ontario - more specifically, Toronto. We support our local communities, not just because we love our neighbours but because it reduces emissions and energy requirements. That means local quality that you can trust, for your dog and for our environment.

Sustainable Plant Proteins

It's no secret that we love plant proteins. In fact, we use plant proteins in all of our recipes: from combining them with animal proteins in our Fresh Foods, to our 100% plant-based Treats. Specifically, we use Canadian grown Hemp flour. Not only is hemp a superfood that packs the same quantity and quality protein as beef or chicken, but it's one of the most sustainable protein sources known. It uses 140 times less water and 10 times less land to produce the same amount of protein as beef. Plus, it recycles greenhouse gases and regenerates the soil. It's quality nutrition you can truly feel good about.

Reusable Bags

We're always looking for ways we can consume less, especially limiting single use plastics. We provide reusable cloth insulated totes to help you bring your Mo' Greens Fresh Foods home. We're also working on no-plastic refill programs for our Treats. Small steps like this can make all the difference. Less single use packaging means cleaner oceans for generations to come.