Smarter, healthier food starts here.

Let’s determine your dog’s meal plan, recommended recipes, portions and price!

This will only take ~2 minutes per dog.

Fresh ingredients

Human grade, Canadian and natural.


Pre-portioned packs, just open and serve.

Functional superfoods

Turmeric, Chamomile, Valerian and more. What your dog needs, when they need it.

Convenient deliveries

Shipped right to your door.

Feeding fresh food is the easiest way to improve your dog’s health and wellness. Some studies have shown feeding fresh can add over 3 years to your dog’s life!

Here’s what you can expect when you start to feed your dog Mo’ Greens Fresh:

Week 1

Excited for meal time

Increased energy

Improved sleep

Week 2

Improved digestion

Healthier poop

Week 4

Shinier coat

More energy in the morning

Sleeping all night

Month 2

Healthy weight

Increased stamina

Less barking, no anxiety

Month 9

Happy pet, happy vet

Pioneering. For dogs.

The right foods at the right time are the key to your dog living their best life. Our vet nutritionists formulated our meals to deliver key nutrients to your dog. 

We call this “Time of Day Feeding”. But your dog will just call it awesome.

Our recipes come in Breakfast and Dinner formulas, each with scientifically-proven ingredients and nutrients to help them look and feel their best, so they can play all day – and sleep all night. Read more about it here.