For your dog's best life.

“Exceptional foods for exceptional pets. Your dog’s best life starts with Mo’ Greens.”

Our mission

We love dogs. We want them all to live longer, happier and healthier lives. And that starts with what you put in their bowl. 

Mo’ Greens was founded by three dog-loving friends who believe that dogs deserve more. More than highly processed, brown burnt balls of “food” being marketed as “natural” and “healthy”. More than the same boring food day in and day out. More than misleading claims about “sustainability” – so we decided to reimagine dog food, and remake it the way it should be.

Driven by love.
Backed by science.

With decades of pet nutrition research, food industry know-how, and the latest in health and wellness knowledge, our founders worked with top vet nutritionists to create fresh, healthy and convenient foods for your pets.

We use quality and safety standards from the human food industry – that means real meats and whole foods slowly cooked in federally registered and inspected kitchens. The result is food that is good enough for humans to eat, but is nutritionally complete and balanced for your dog.

Our story...

It all began with Mo. Well, actually Moe, one of our founders’ (Kellen) furry family members who developed issues he shouldn’t have, like severe digestive problems, no appetite and joint issues during the first three years of his life. His dad tried every food out there, but nothing helped, not even the “premium natural” ones.

Real food was the answer

Moe’s vet recommended home cooking. He used what ingredients were on the bag of a typical dog food, but instead of a hard, dry brown ball he had a dish that looked, smelled and tasted like his own dinner. Moe loved it (appetite no longer lacking) and quickly, his problems started to disappear. 

A fresh perspective

At that point Kellen knew that something was up. How could these foods marketed as “natural” be the cause for Moe’s pains? That’s when he reached out to his friends (and eventually co-founders) Chris and Ian. Chris was a food scientist and had years of experience in the meat industry. Ian was a nutrition buff and worked for some top health and wellness brands. They began to see and understand the alarming issues with these dog foods, and being pet parents themselves, teamed up to make the pet food they wished they had for their fur buddies.  

So why GREEN?

Aside from being pet fanatics, the three founders recognized how beautiful Canada was – and they wanted to keep it that way. They also recognized that most “sustainably sourced” claims on pet foods are, well, BS.

They were familiar with some powerful plant proteins that delivered actual, measurable improvements to ecofootprints and made sur to use them in every single recipe, from fresh meals to 100% plant-based treats.

Hence, Mo’ Greens.

To them, sustainable means something. That’s why it’s in their name.

Embrace change

Moe was the pickiest eater. Until Kellen started cooking for him and changing up his breakfasts and dinners. It made all the difference, after all, would you want to eat toast every meal, day in and day out?

Functioning on a higher frequency

The three founders took their own health and nutrition seriously, eating the right foods and supplements at the right time. Dogs don’t, but they deserve to. They challenged their vet nutritionists to raise the standard of these meals for dogs. And they did: functional ingredients in every single recipe, from turmeric and ginger with Breakfast and Chamomile and Valerian at Dinner. Moe’s joints were happy and his sleep was second to none.

The results

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds are thriving on Mo’ Greens. And their hoomans have peace of mind knowing what they’re feeding them. From the new spring in an old boy’s step to the fewer anxious barks at night, Mo’ Greens is making a difference. Each small batch is crafted with care, love and of course – the freshest and highest quality ingredients available – in our Toronto kitchens.

Your dog’s going to love it!