Frequently Asked Questions

Our Food

There’s a difference between surviving and thriving. While most existing pet foods contain the right balance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients dogs need to survive, the rates of pet obesity, cancer and diabetes are rising at an alarming rate. That’s because there’s more to a dog’s food than just the vitamins and nutrients it contains: the ingredients and the cooking methods are equally important. There’s a growing body of scientific evidence of the health benefits of feeding your dog a fresh food diet, and the dangers of many commercial pet food manufacturing processes. Whether your dog is grappling with a particular health issue, a picky eater, or is perfectly healthy, we’ve seen first hand the positive impact of feeding fresh.

It’s been reported that over 65% of dogs exhibit signs of stress and anxiety on a regular basis, and unfortunately this has only gotten worse over the past few years. So we wanted to help. We wanted to help ease these feelings in dogs using natural, proven ingredients. And since dogs love fresh food, it’s the perfect way for them to feel the benefits. No oil drops or ineffective pills and supplements they hate taking!

We worked with our vet nutritionists to formulate the ONLY Calming, gently cooked recipes for dogs in Canada. They feature a few key superfood ingredients like chamomile, valerian root and hemp seed oil. Plus, they have the right mix of nutrients to promote feelings of calm, like vitamin B and K-packed spinach and hemp seed oil. And they’re available in hypo-allergenic proteins and grain-free options as well, so every dog can feel the benefits!


Our meals are prepared in federally registered and inspected facilities, where whole ingredients are carefully prepared and gently cooked to perfection. Each meal is then individually packaged and quickly frozen for safe shipping and convenience. Our meals are made fresh and never contain preservatives, unlike kibbles that can sit on store shelves for years. Fresh is always just better.

We use only human grade ingredients that are Canadian sourced. We never use feed-grade ingredients, artificial colours, flavours or fillers. Our cuts of meat are always whole – no trims or ‘pink slime’ – and 100% sourced from Canadian farms and fisheries. Our recipes are developed by highly qualified animal nutritionists and reviewed by vets, formulated to meet or exceed strict AAFCO standards so they’re balanced and appropriate for all life stages.

All unopened packages of Mo’ Greens should be stored in the freezer. Our flat package shape makes storage easy and convenient. When it’s time to feed, the package should be defrosted, and yes – any remaining food should be stored in an air-tight package in the fridge. We recommend defrosted packages to be fed within 5 days.

No, we do that part for you! Each package is pre-portioned and ready to serve. If your dog prefers, you can add a small touch of hot water to the serving.

You can – but be careful. Research has shown that 95% of recipes found online to be lacking in crucial nutrients for dogs. Serious complications from nutrient deficiencies (or worse, overdosing) could arise if a recipe isn’t properly balanced and calibrated. But why cook, when we make feeding fresh easy! Our recipes are properly balanced, cooked in CFIA registered facility under strict quality conditions, and delivered right to your door, so feeding fresh has never been easier!

Ours is! At Mo’ Greens, environmental sustainability is at the core of who we are. The planet gave us dogs, so it’s only fair that take care of it. Our recipes all use a portion of protein packed, super-sustainable hemp flour. It uses 98% less water to generate the same quantity (and quality) of protein as beef! Each fresh food recipe uses a portion of hemp flour to improve its environmental footprint. Our treats? Well, those are 100% plant based – and switching your dogs’ meat treats to our plant based ones can save hundreds of thousands of litres of water, each year! Plus, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted with a portion of each and every sale going to support tree planting across the world. So yes, our fresh foods and treats are definitely better for the environment!

Your Meal Plan

Simple! Just follow this link and answer a few questions about your dog and we’ll create a meal plan just for them. You can change your dog’s portion from 100%, 50% or 25% Mo’ Greens, so your dog can get the benefits of fresh on any budget.

If your dog is a puppy – that is, 11 months or younger – your subscription plan will automatically update as they age:

1-2 months

3-5 months

6-7 months

8-11 months

1+ years

Your subscription price will decrease as they reach the 1 year mark. This is because puppies have much higher caloric needs than adult dogs, since this is their growth stage. 

Your Subscription

Don’t worry! We forget our passwords all the time too. Resetting your password is easy. From our login page here, just select the “forgot password” option and follow the easy steps to reset your password. 

If for whatever reason your dog doesn’t like their food, we’ll make it right. We can send you additional recipes to try, or you can opt for a refund. We’d also ask that you please donate the food to a shelter!

You can log in here to find a summary of upcoming orders. You’ll be notified via email about each order prior to billing and shipment.

Yes, of course! Pausing, cancelling or reactivating your subscription is easy and can be done anytime. Just log into your account here and go to ‘Subscriptions’ to make any changes.