Not dog food, but Food for Dogs

Your dog’s best life starts with what you put in their bowl. After all, proper diet and nutrition are the keys to a healthier, longer life. Feeding your dog a balanced diet, from whole and fresh ingredients packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need is a must. And avoiding artificial preservatives, meats meant for scrap, and nutrient-poor fillers is also a must. Unfortunately most pet food companies make this difficult to do and complicated to understand.

But at Mo’ Greens, we make that easy.

We start by simplifying things: by making your dogs’ food out of real food. Simple. We use locally sourced, high quality and human-grade ingredients that you can understand and recognize. That means real cuts of meat raised on Canadian farms and fisheries. It means fresh, whole ingredients like spinach, sweet potato and pumpkin. 

But we take it a step further: we use functional superfoods in each recipe so that your dog can play all day, and sleep all night. We call this “Time of Day Feeding”, and it’s the smartest way to feed your dog.

Your dog's best life.

Through food. And science.

What your dog eats is just as important as when they eat it. It can be the difference between just surviving, and absolutely thriving. That’s because, like us, our dogs have different nutritional needs depending on the task at hand. Their optimal nutritional needs are different before bed than they are first thing in the morning.

We’re taking a new approach to pet nutrition.

From our functional, plant-based treats to our fresh meals in specific Breakfast and Dinner recipes, our holistic approach means that all Mo’ Greens recipes are optimized for different times of the day. That means specific, nutrient-dense whole foods and superfood, functional ingredients in each recipe. This way, your dog will look and feel their best, all day and all night.