Mo' Greens treats are all natural and Made in Canada. No preservatives, additives or fillers are used. We meticulously source the best natural, organic and nutrient rich ingredients.


Nutritious, healthy and power packed with essential proteins, vitamins and nutrients. All Mo' Greens treats are rich in super foods and contain a full spectrum protein and amino acid profiles.


Our treats are designed to meet the needs of a pups daily activities. Specially formulated 'Calm' treats help alleviate hyper activity and anxiety. Mo' Greens, the best for a happy healthy diet.


We are guided by sustainable principals, animal welfare and operate with an environmentally conscious approach. We create nutritious dog treats using only responsibly farmed ingredients.

Our Natural Dog Treats

Doggy Treats

Rewarding your dog for a job well done with a nutritious Mo’ Greens treat is gratifying. It is good for the environment, your dogs waistline

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