Real, Healthy Dog Food.

The Only Calming Fresh Pet Food In Canada!

Your dog should be eating healthy, too.

Like you, we love our pets and want them to be healthy. That’s why we created Mo’ Greens – providing balanced, fresh pet food with scientifically-backed recipes that are made in small batches with real ingredients, and love. Plus, we offer the ONLY Calming Fresh Recipes in Canada.
They’re going to love it!


Real Food

Human-grade meat, GMO-Free fruits and vegetables in wholesome recipes


Gently Cooked

For nutritional integrity and delicious flavour


CFIA Kitchens

Quality and safety standards for human food, now for dogs


Vet Developed

Nutrition that exceeds strict industry standards (AAFCO)

Pet Food Reimagined

We use whole cuts of meat, fresh ingredients and functional superfoods to make healthier food for your dog. Quality, flavour and health benefits never found with kibble.

Meat By-Products

Highly processed ingredients like “Chicken Meal” or “Pork By-Product” can contain meat from diseased livestock or rendered fat. It’s gross, and unhealthy. So we never use them.


Artificial preservatives keep kibble on store shelves for years. They don’t belong in food. So they’re never in ours.

Brown & Round

All kibbles are highly processed and over cooked, no matter what they claim on the bag. There’s nothing ‘natural’ about eating pellets for dinner.

Label Lies

No misleading claims or tricks. We’re proud of our ingredients. In fact, you can see all of them when you look at a pack. Nothing but real food goodness.

The Healthier Way To Feed Your Dog

Tested On Humans (Yes We Ate It)

Human-grade food in convenient packages. Carefully prepared, cooked in small batches following high safety and quality standards. Just open and serve!

Calming Recipes

Vet-developed recipes, including Canada’s only Calming Fresh Meals, made with functional superfoods for unmatched health benefits. Real food only, including GMO-free fruits and vegetables, whole cuts of Canadian-raised meat, and our optional Calming recipes made select, scientifically-backed ingredients. Your dog’s going to love it!

Customized To Your Dog

Your dog’s meal plan is customized to their individual needs. Their food is freshly made then conveniently shipped to your door.

It's Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Complete Their Profile

Each dog is different, with their own unique nutritional needs. Tell us a bit about your fur baby and we'll create a custom meal plan just for them.

Try It

Your first box will have 2 weeks' worth of fresh food, just the right amount for your dog to try.

Keep Mo' Comin!

If your dog loves Mo' Greens - and we think they will - we'll automatically send you a fresh batch when you run low. If not? You can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Healthy Food Made Easy.

Ditch the “brown and round” kibble, preservatives and sub-standard meat. Our vet-developed recipes provide unmatched nutrition and flavour for your dog. And our custom meal plans, available on convenient subscriptions, make sure you never run out.

Free Shipping, Customized Deliveries

Eco Friendly Packaging & Ingredients

Adjust or Cancel Anytime

The Mo' Greens Difference

Grain-Free & Hypoallergenic Options

Easy to digest, so pups with sensitive stomachs can experience the benefits of a fresh diet too

Shiny Coat, Healthier Poop

High in fibre and omega-3’s for healthy digestion and soft fur. Your dog will be looking and feeling their best all day long

Packed with Anti-Oxidants

Fresh apples, blueberries and hemp protein boost heart health and combat inflammation

breakfast-dish_transparent dinner-dish_transparent

Calm & Cool

Infused with chamomile, valerian root and hemp seed oil that can calm even the most anxious dogs 

Be At Ease

They’ll feel at ease when you’re out of the house with calm-promoting vitamin B, magnesium and potassium. And with them at ease, you will be too.

Picky Eaters No More

Delicious meals that no pup can resist. And with Breakfast and Dinner they’ll get some much appreciated variety

Rated 4.9/5

Get Your Dog's Customized Plan

Get fresh, healthy food delivered straight to your door.


No Really.

At Mo’ Greens, sustainability means something. It’s at the core of who we are. Other brands just talk about it, with empty misleading claims about ‘sustainability’. Our sustainable practices can be seen, in each and every batch.

Canadian ingredients? Check. Local production? Check. Recyclable packaging? Check. 

But we go a step further: in fact, we go further than any other pet food brand in Canada. 

We use plant proteins in each and every batch, from our fresh meals to our 100% plant-based treats. We use hemp protein: a complete, highly sustainable plant protein that, along with recycling carbon and regenerating the soil, uses over 90% less water to produce an equal amount of protein as animal sources. Plus, it tastes great and provides your dog with fibre and heart-healthy omega-3’s. 

We’re reducing dog’s ecofootprints, so future pups can enjoy our beautiful world too.