Treat your dog with each blend of Mo’ Greens and the unique benefits each brings!

Energize, Longevity and Calm – save over 20% with this special Starter Pack!




Can’t decide which blend of Mo’ Greens to try first? No problem! With the Starter Pack, you’ll get one 140g bag of each blend, each with unique benefits for your dog:
Energize, with banana, cranberries, natural peanut butter and hemp flour for clean, plant-based energy to start their day.
Longevity, with sweet potatoes, turmeric and cinnamon to restore their joints and muscles to keep them going.
Calm, with valerian root and chamomile so they’ll be soothed and relaxed for a good nights’ sleep.

PLUS, with the Mo’ Greens Starter Pack you’ll save 20% off the regular price!

Treat your dog to something special.
Treat your dog to Mo’ Greens.
Real Ingredients, Real Sustainability, Real Good.

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